Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mary Kay

Hello! Hello!
I found something really great that I want to share with you! My friend Tracey is a wonderful mother of two boys and a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. She recently sent me some products to try out. I've had them for a week or two now and I'm really enjoying them. Along with some of the makeup products I also have the face cleanser and moisturizer which I would definitely recommend!
I'm posting the link to where you can contact Tracey directly for the products.
I absolutely love everything that Mary Kay stands for-- empowering beautiful women like Tracey.

 Go check it out and I hope you will find something you love!


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  1. Thanks Hunny!! i do love Mary Kay its the best company ever and yes they do lift up woman's self esteem everyday! And their products are amazing as well,, Its nice to be in business for your self and not have to work for someone else and Mary Kay provides this opportunity. YOU LOOK AMAZING! The makeup look so great on you. Im glad you guys love it!!