Sunday, 26 January 2014

you can never go wrong with...

...a classic white button down.

In my previous post, you can see that I paired the white blouse shown below, under a simple black sweater. Adorable and super comfy!

If you love that look, you can head over to to snag one of your own!

she's a man eater

I have been saying for a while now, that I'm going to get out to Brooklyn more, and last night I finally made it happen. My sister's fiancĂ© (that is still so weird to say) is good friends with John Oates. Yes, THE John Oates from the incredible duo Hall and Oates. He invited me to join them for pre-show dinner and drinks at this charming little mexican(ish) restaurant. Also in attendance below, my good friend Jesse Harris, if you don't know his music, then I would recommend you go directly to iTunes when you finish reading this! John's wife, Kate, my sister Olivia,  Juan, of course and our other friend David (a wine connoisseur!) The food and wine was great, but the show was even better…Brooklyn, I will be seeing you again soon :)